1 in 5 Internet Users Are Malicious Bots

Bots often get a bad reputation for no reason because of the fact that a lot of people often don’t understand the role that they play in our daily internet usage as well as how they end up playing such a role all in all. However, there are bad bots out there as well, and their malicious presences are rightly considered to be alarming indeed as they are a source of constant stress for people that are trying to keep their digital lives as clean and safe as possible.

You would be surprised at just how common bots are on the internet. Out of all of the traffic requests that websites and blogs receive, about one in three (37.9 percent to be exact) are going to come from a bot. It turns out that bad bots make up one in five internet traffic requests, which means that 20 percent of all traffic on the internet is coming from harmful bots. What this means is that bad bots greatly outnumber all of the other bots that are out there, and their presence on the internet is so robust that one can almost compare it to the level of humans that are currently using the internet on a regular basis all in all.

Bad Internet Bots Report 2019: The Bot Arms Race Continues
"In 2018, 37.9 percent of all internet traffic wasn’t human, and there were year-over-year decreases in both bad bot (-6.4 percent) and good bot (-14.4 percent) traffic. Human traffic increased by 7.5 percent to 62.1 percent.", reveals DistilNetworks study.
According to the study, the financial sector seems most at risk from bad bots. Indeed, bad bots make up over forty percent of the traffic that the financial sector on the internet sees, and only about one percent of the traffic comes from good bots with humans providing about fifty six percent of the traffic. This has made it clear that bots are a problem that need to be taken quite seriously all in all.

A new report by Distil Networks highlights that the financial sector is the main targets of bad bots, followed by ticketing, the education sector, government websites, and gambling

The report further explained that, "In 2018, Chrome continued to be the most popular fake identity used by bad bots, with almost half (49.9 percent) of them making this claim. Firefox dropped to 17.5 percent but is the second most popular claimed identity."
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