Facebook’s Delayed History Clearing Tool to Be Launched This year

Over the past few months Facebook has been scrambling to set the record straight and show people that it actually does care about their privacy. One of the tools that they announced in order to indicate that they take user privacy and safety seriously is a history wiper, something that would allow you to remove all of your Facebook related history from third party apps and webpages. This can give you more control over the data that companies are able to collect about you.

This tool ended up getting delayed quite a few times, but Facebook has finally announced that it will be officially launched later this year. The delay has been quite significant since the tool was supposed to be operational and fully launched by May of 2018, and it’s probably going to be launched at around that time this year instead. A year long delay is a pretty serious concern when you consider the usage of this tool, but it is being hypothesized that Facebook was reluctant to offer this tool even though they came up with it on their own because of the fact that it would make it difficult for them to create the right kinds of advertisements.
Facebook relies on logging user data in order to predict their behavior, thereby ascertaining which ads would work best for them and offering more targeted marketing to brands and sponsors. Giving users the ability to delete their usage history will dismantle a lot of the benefits that Facebook is able to provide the advertisers that pay the platform for its ads. The hesitancy is thus understandable, but it is regardless important that Facebook launch this tool no matter what kind of impact it would end up having on their revenue stream.

Facebook may launch "Clear History privacy tool" later this year following delay
Photo: Michael Short / Bloomberg / Getty Images

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