WhatsApp Finally Turned 10 Years Old - Important Events Down The Memory Lane (infographic)

The popular messaging app, Whatsapp celebrated its 10th birthday on 24th of February, 2019. In a video and an infographic shared by the company on their celebration, several key moments were mentioned.
"It’s been 10 years since we started WhatsApp!", announced Whatsapp team in a blog post. Adding further, "Over the past decade, we’ve heard from people across the globe who are using WhatsApp to stay in touch with their loved ones, connect with their communities, and build businesses".
The following highlights played an important role in a decade of its existence.

On 24 February, WhatsApp was formed and released for iOS and Android devices and by December, video, and picture sharing option was included into it.

Group chat was introduced in the app by February and a few months later, on October, 1 billion messages were sent in a day, a milestone in itself.

Whatsapp introduced voice message feature.

In April, WhatsApp had 1 million users and by October the same, Whatsapp was handed over to Facebook in $19 billion. The next month, read receipt option was made available to users.

At the beginning of the year, the web version of WhatsApp was introduced.

This year proved to be innovative for the app, as after having 1 billion users in February, end-to-end encryption was introduced in April, and by May, WhatsApp desktop app debuted. Later, in November, video calling was also made possible through the app.
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Stories option was included an answer to Whatsapp stories was also enabled. I July, it reached 1 billion users per day.

Whatsapp Business was introduced after it exceeded 1.5 billion users monthly in January and by July Group calling feature took app by storm. One of the awaited features of Whatsapp stickers was also introduced in October 2018.

Since its launch, Whatsapp has only grown both in terms of users and net worth. So far no other message app has been able to beat its popularity.

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp Finally Turned 10 Years Old - Important Events Down The Memory Lane

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