Instagram Users Need To Be Careful About Verification Badge Emails

Every influencer on Instagram wants to have a blue verification mark, the ultimate goal of so many people. This verification badge is now being used by hackers to trap Instagrammers.

According to cybersecurity firm, Trend Micro, hackers send an email pretending as Instagram verify Team, asking for details so the accounts can be verified with a blue badge.

In scam emails, users are asked for their Instagram username, passwords, email address and date of birth. People who fall for the trap themselves give control of their accounts to hackers.

After getting control of the account, hackers blackmail users and bribe them for money or at times ask for nudes.

Profiles with 15,00 to 70,000 followers belonging to actors, singers and entrepreneurs are hacked by cybercriminals and often never retrieved back.
"Social media influencers build and expand their business or brand through credibility and authenticity to their audience. For hackers, however, they could be seen as trophies.", explained Jindrich Karasek and Cedric Pernet, Threat Researchers at TrendMicro.
The security firm was unable to track who was behind this but is expected to be a group of Turkish-speaking hackers. Users are asked to be aware of emails with creepy font styles, with incorrect grammar or unprofessional emails.

Instagram and Facebook have been reported by the Trend Micro about this issue. Instagram has asked users to be careful about any kind of communication this is being pretended to be from the company.
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Instagram in its statement said that the company itself will never approach you for verification, nor do they sell verification. Platform only sell ads and all other services are free of charge that will not be offered tough email.

It is also advised to use two-factor authentication to make your account more secure.

Beware Social media users! Phishing Hackers Are Targeting Instagram Users by Offering Verification Badges

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