CEO of YouTube Finally Broke Silence Over Children’s Safety Issue

YouTube has been under fire again for its inability to tackle the kids’ exploitation issue. To address this, CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki herself came up to assure advertisers and parents about the platform’s safety measures.

CEO said in LWTSummit, that the company takes kids’ safety very seriously and they have decided not to allow comments on videos that feature children. She said that this might cause inconvenience for young YouTubers but it is more important to keep safe their priority.

Many giant advertisers and companies, like Disney and Epic Games, withdrew their advertisements from YouTube after reports of predatory comments. After which the video platform cracked down, and shut 400 channels and disabled comments of millions of videos.

Wojcicki said that every quarter YouTube remove billions of comments from videos but there is an unlimited number of them. For now, the company is dependent on algorithms to deal with inappropriate comments and for taking down videos that do not go with the policy of the platform.

After complaints from users that they are directed towards hate speech and conspiracy videos, the company changes its recommendation algorithm. Also, there will be no ads on anti-vaccine video makers.

CEO also assured that YouTube has been using more powerful tools to identify abusive and inappropriate comments and deleting them.

Two years ago, YouTube had faced a similar issue where hundreds of companies refused to play ads on YouTube because it was being played on extremists content. The companies returned after a change was promised by the platform.

Featured photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images
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