Twitter Makes it Easier to Report Tweets "that share personal information"

While the age of social media has led to the rise of a number of platforms, Twitter has stood out as the most clear example of how we are able to speak our mind on the internet nowadays and say pretty much everything that we are thinking about. While this has created a lot of benefits in a wide variety of ways, such as allowing people to get news as it is updated without having to wait for mainstream media outlets to pick a particular bit of news up, it has caused problems as well. One of the major problems it has caused has to do with the fact that a lot of hate speech and vitriol ends up getting spilled onto Twitter’s platform, much like any other social media site operating in this day and age.

Twitter is trying to get ahead of this problem by updating its reporting feature. Previously you could report a tweet but the reporting process left your report looking quite vague without any of the specifics that you might have wanted to pay attention to. The new reporting feature will allow you to go into these specifics by commenting on whether a tweet that you are reporting is just spam or if it is indicative of something a bit more dangerous that might warrant deeper attention.

You can now specify privacy violations in your reports. This can help people whose personal information is being disseminated through tweets. Privacy violations are particularly dangerous for people who are in precarious or sensitive situations, so this is definitely something that will go a long way towards making this social media platform safer and more accessible, and other platforms and websites would do well to follow a similar trajectory.

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Photo: Simonmayer / Getty Images
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