Twitter Launched New Tools to Increase Video Engagement on the Platform

In January, Twitter announced at CES2019 it will introduce new tools that would assist publishers in understanding what their follower is most interest in. A dashboard would allow them to analyze what type of content is more engaging, and at what time, which kind of post is doing well. In accordance with its announcement, Publisher Insight tools have been launched by the company in Media Studio to let the publisher know the best time to post videos.

These tools are live themselves and can now be used by the publishers. The concept of tools presented at CES has been much like the tool they have now launched.

A graph, with hours of the day on x-axis and days on the y-axis, is shown on the dashboard. Based on history, the graph represents what hours of the day have been more engaging and shades of grey color are used to show it.

Twitter finally adds new analytics tools for publishers focused on improving video engagement

According to Twitter, the dashboard can be used by the publishers to see what hour are the best for increased engagement, initiating conversation and have high viewership. Graph whereas fails to show when your video is played, but rather focus on when usually the videos on twitter are viewed by the users.
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The tool allows the publishers to set the time frame according to their choice to see the engagements during that specific period to have better insights.

Twitter said that more than half of their ad revenue is generated from ads played on videos. Keeping this in mind, the company has launched the analytic tool and let publishers strategize their media and also help Twitter in its advertising business.

There are more useful tools are in the pipeline, which will further enable publishers to perform better with the engagements. Whenever the new tools will be launched, they will go live in the Media studio.

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