Facebook Might Be Rolling Out an All White Redesign for Android

Facebook’s app is possibly one of the most widely used apps out there due to the sheer popularity of this particular social media platform, but the app has often left something to be desired among the people that tend to use it on a regular basis. Facebook is making a change in the app, but it has to do with the aesthetics more than the overall functionality of the app in general. Basically Facebook might be ditching one of its most iconic elements: the blue accents that people associated so strongly with the website.

The color scheme used to be mostly white with a blue top and sidebar along with grey throughout, but the new redesign is going to involve complete white colors with black being used for the icons on the top bar. This redesign is currently only being tested out, as spotted by XDAdevelopers, and this test hasn’t been rolled out yet either with Facebook preferring to conduct tests on the server side instead. It will probably be some time before the average consumer is able to see this kind of redesign appearing on their regular daily apps.

Facebook is testing a fully white version of its app on Android devices, ditches blue accent color

Overall the new look is quite minimalist, but some might think that it is a little too much so. The utter lack of color might be jarring for some people, although others will say that it makes the app look less cluttered. The white centric redesign will necessitate a dark mode, but chances are that Facebook will be adding this feature since they have already done so with the Messenger app as well.

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