Twitter Launches Beta Testing App to Mixed Reviews

Twitter announced a couple of months ago in January that it would be launching a new app called “Twttr” in the beta testing phase, offering it to an exclusive group of users that would give feedback on whether or not the app is worth the change or not. The app has finally been launched, and the response has mostly been mixed. Twitter has recently been trying to revamp its image in order to remain competitive in the world of social media, with so many competitors managing to take away a lot of its previously dominant market share. The success of this new app is an important part of Twitter’s future plans, so the mixed reviews are definitely something that the company will be worried about.

From the name of the app to the design elements, it is pretty clear to see that Twitter is trying to modernize itself and become more “hip” as it were. This is ostensibly being done in an attempt to capture the Gen Z market that Snapchat took by storm, followed by Facebook which copied a lot of Snapchats features and added them to itself as well as Instagram.

This app has threaded replies which offer a more coherent conversation when you look at tweets. This is a feature that has been praised by most testers. However, the block based tweets are less easy to follow if you are going through an extended tweet thread. The aesthetics of the app have been criticized as well, as have the “ice breaker” tweets that are meant to help start conversations on the platform. Overall, it seems like Twitter will need to make a lot more tweaks if they want people to take this new app seriously.

Twitter's New Beta App Is Ready for testing

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