YouTube Trends That Digital Marketers Should Pay Attention To

The key to marketing on the internet is understanding the various trends that are taking place on any platform that you might be interested in utilizing for the purpose of gaining access to as many potential consumers as possible. The important thing to note here is that a lot of things that happen on the internet are not actually all that important. They are just fads that have gained a certain amount of popularity, and will not end up having any legitimate impact on whether or not your marketing campaigns would truly end up being successful in the long run.

That being said, there are definitely certain YouTube trends out there that will, in fact, have some kind of impact on the success of your marketing campaigns. There are a few trends that that will impact marketing campaigns in the year 2019 to a large extent. One of these trends has to do with live streaming. Live streams represent the core of internet content creation. They give immediate gratification to both the content creators as well as the people that are consuming their content, and to top it all off they create new avenues for revenue stream generation as well.
"Of the 100 most popular YouTube Live streams, over 60 happened in the past two years.", claimed a report published by Earnest Pettie a trends analyst at YouTube, on Think With Google blog.
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Another trend that can be seen has to do with local content. Basically content that stays true to local cultural factors rather than trying to pander to a global audience is more likely to get the attention. A good example of this is the new Childish Gambino song which represents distinctly American issues and yet in spite of this has inspired countless people around the world to make their own version of this content. These homages themselves have millions of views which speaks to the integrity of the original content.

Pettie further explained that, "In 2018, we saw the once-clear line between traditional celebrities and new media stars [AKA influencers] blur on YouTube. At the same time, more and more traditional celebrities started using digital video to deepen their connection with fans, essentially becoming creators."

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