YouTube Stories Are Getting Augmented-Reality Masks

One of the biggest trends among social media platforms these days involves the coveted Stories feature that Snapchat came up with. Pretty much any platform out there that has a social element to it is adding some kind of stories feature into the mix, but the problem with this is that the market is becoming so saturated with various platforms that are using this kind of feature that it has become imperative for all involved to set their own version of stories apart and make it easier for users to distinguish which platform would suit their needs in the best way.

Google has added stories to YouTube in an attempt to boost the social media platform element of the video streaming platform, something that they have consistently been taking baby steps towards over the past few years. In order to set the platform apart, Google has added AR masks to the stories feature on YouTube. These AR tools are basically going to give you different facial features as well as unique accessories and animations that will make your stories seem more unique. YouTube is essentially a platform for creators, and AR tools are going to give these creators a bit more to work with.

The important thing to note about these AR tools is that they can be added after the video has been recorded since they don’t rely on the same kinds of depth inputs as other platforms out there. It is unknown at this point what specific effects we might be seeing on YouTube stories, but whatever they are they will definitely give this version of the feature an edge over the various other iterations that are saturating the social media platform market.
"We are excited to share this new technology with creators, users and developers alike", announced Artsiom Ablavatski and Ivan Grishchenko two research engineers from Google AI team in a blog post. Adding further, "In the future we plan to broaden this technology to more Google products."
Google is introducing new AR tool for YouTube Stories

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