How to Pause Notification On Instagram?

Many of you might be fed up of unwanted notifications from Instagram. At times you are busy but your phone keeps popping up notifications regarding, Instagram Live-stream, Story posting etc. Now, to give you a little relief, Instagram is allowing you to pause notifications.

In the newly introduced feature “Pause All” will let you control your notifications, and stop them for a chosen period of time.

There is an option of muting notifications, ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours, no distractions. Enable the ‘Pause All’ option, and select the time of your choice for what time you do not want to receive notifications. This saves you from the trouble from switching off notifications one-by-one.

Matt Navarra was the first one to notice this feature, who had first spotted the testing of the same feature.

Instagram has rolled out its “Pause All” notification feature on iOS

For now, it is only available on iOS devices, and Android Beta app, as per reports.

With time, people are getting addicted to social media and there is a constant urge to check it again and again. This distracts you from your other important day-to-day tasks.

Already, Instagram is known for developing the obsessive behavior in youngsters, this option will let all to mute the app for a while and distance themselves from the online world.

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