Instagram is testing a much-needed "Pause All" notifications control feature on iOS and Android

Getting notified about updates and developments is an appreciative feature offered by almost every social network today. However, not all notifications are important and not every time is okay for a smartphone user to be disturbed or distracted. Thus, a mechanism to disable or pause the "push notifications" setting should definitely be available.

The pause option allows a user to have the “Push Notifications” disabled until they decide to turn them back on. Instagram users didn’t seem to have this option available. However, if the social media guru Matt Navarra is to be believed, the option is in testing phase and will soon go on the floors.

Matt tweeted recently, sharing a screenshot of the “Pause All” toggle under the push notifications settings. Interestingly, another tweeter, Ashwini Dodani left a comment on the post too, mentioning how the option was already live on Android, for Beta users for now.

With the consumers making their demands heard now and the competition at an all-time high, the Tech Giants are doing everything they can to make their loyal users happy and satisfied with the products. The “Pause All” Toggle is surely an anticipated option and only time will tell how it is received by the users after going live.

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