Google Chrome can hide abusive comments on major social media platforms (including YouTube & Facebook), thanks to Jigsaw

One of Alphabet’s branches, Jigsaw will soon be introducing an extension in Chrome which will help in regulating the comments on various social media platforms. This new tool (which will go by the name, “Tune”) takes inspiration from Jigsaw’s “Perspective” tech.

The aim is to help social media giants in their battle against ill-natured comments. There are two ways to achieve it. One can either go into the “zen mode” and turn off all such comments as a whole (with the help of “filter mix” controls) or allow only a handful of posts with such comments. Although, best suited for Facebook and Twitter, Tune can also work with YouTube, Disqus and Reddit.

It should be noted that Tune is still under active development so there is a high possibility of some kind of toxic content to show up, despite of being moderated. However, Jigsaw’s product manager, CJ Adams has assured everyone that constant improvements are being made and user feedback will strongly be considered.

Although its services are limited to a number of sites, the supported platforms contain countless hate-inducing and abusive people and groups. From Pedophiles in the YouTube comments section to Facebook’s anti-vaxxers and Reddit’s conspiracy promoting subreddits, the toxicity on these platforms is at an all-time high and if the content on these sites can be effectively regulated, the Internet can become a much safer place.

It is appreciable that Twitter is enlisting the help of the “Perspective” AI to tackle the issue of toxic comments. However, the people or groups responsible for this toxicity shouldn’t be underestimated either, as they are making several attempts to get past the moderation process.
"Tune isn’t meant to be a solution for direct targets of harassment (for whom seeing direct threats can be vital for their safety), nor is Tune a solution for all toxicity. Rather, it’s an experiment to show people how machine learning technology can create new ways to empower people as they read discussions online.", announced CJ Adams, product manager at Jigsaw. Adding further, "We hope that Tune can inspire platforms and developers to explore viewership controls for readers and enable communities to join discussions without relying solely on comment moderation."
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