The Astounding Stats Of Global IT Economics 2019 (infographic)

Living in 2019, we all cannot possibly think of being alive without informational technology. A few decades ago, the world wasn’t even sure about the sustainability of computers and today, people use technology as their external organ. With every little progress and the way digital services are thriving, we are in for an exciting present that will also reveal endless possibilities ready to be explored over time.

For a consumer, things are pretty much simple in the form of internet, eCommerce, email, online banking, social networking, 4G/5G network, and instant communicators, etc. But the kind of operations that go behind out computer screen are a lot more complex than our assumptions. There is a massive infrastructure that exists to make everything possible for us.

Be it companies, employees, freelancers, technicians, labor and even customers, together they have created an ecosystem that aims to take the human life one step forward all the time.

Just like the inventions themselves, the economics of IT have changed drastically over the years. We see brands dominating the world today with unbelievable revenues and as 'being global' has become the new demand, we are in the age of big budgets and amazing business opportunities worldwide.

So to let you know more about Global IT Economics, the team at TechJury has created an infographic based on comprehensive details of money flow in the IT world. Here is everything you need to know related to it.

Global IT Economics [Infographic]

Key insights:

In 2018, information technology industry spending was $4.8 trillion (worldwide).

47 percent of enterprises say data growth and related storage are a top challenge.

The information security tech market reached $92.1 billion in 2018.

There are 8.6 million data centers and server farms around the world.

Cybersecurity costs are expected to rise to $6 trillion annually by 2021.

70 percent of the world's internet traffic travels through Loudoun County, Virginia.

Worldwide Big Data market revenue for software and services is projected to increase from $42 billion in 2048 to $103 billion in 2027.

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