Huawei Once Again Caught Deceiving People By Showing Fake Camera Results

One of the important lessons in life is to learn from your mistakes, which Huawei apparently does not believe in. The giant mobile company has been caught for the third time for faking DSLR pictures as pictures taken from the mobile phone.

Earlier, the company claimed pictures to be captured from its P9 Smartphone but soon it was found that these pictures were actually taken by DSLR. Then, Huawei Nove 3i commercial showed some of the images which were also found out to be taken by a professional digital camera.

Now again, the company caught red handed when it showed pictures as the results of Huawei P30 camera, but these were actually taken from DSLR. Doing wrong is another thing, funny how it gets caught every time.

Huawei P30 camera is going to offer 5X magnification with a periscope zoom camera. Yu Chengdong, the Managing Director and CEO of Huawei, promoted the handset by releasing some of the pictures on Weibo as the camera result of P30. But soon the scam was revealed by people.

Huawei reacts after it’s caught using DSLR photos for its P30 campaign

Media outlets on the internet talked about how the pictures shown by the Huawei are already in the portfolio of a photographer on stock photography website, which obviously were taken using DSLR.

One of the pictures of the volcano was taken back in 2009 using DSLR but the mobile company has been showing as if it's taken by the phone now.

Huawei Is Fooling Users by Faking DSLR Pictures as Huawei P30 Camera Results

Though, Huawei is not the only phone who had been misguiding people about its camera result. Many other smartphone companies have been using DSLR pictures to present them as its own, but every time Huawei does it, it gets caught.

The camera is displayed as an attractive feature by almost all the smartphones companies nowadays, but even in it, people are deceived through false claims.

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