Google+, Inbox, Allo And Many Other Products Of Google Are Shutting Off, Leaving Users In Shock

Recently Google has been up to no good by deleting some of its many products. In the coming few weeks, “Spring killing 2019” will kick off and Google will be ending its popular products like Inbox by Gmail, Allo, Google+ and URL shortener.

Google Allo

Google’s messaging app gained much hyper after I/O 2016 and soon after its launch, it became popular. Initially, it attracted a large number of audience but with time failed to retain or gain more users.

The messaging app was considered ahead of its time with distinctive messaging features. Google Assistant was also first tried on Allo. Google Duo, which is on the boom right now and has been one of the most popular products of the company, was also debuted against Allo.

12th March 2019 had been the last day of Allo, diverting attention towards RCS chat, a new venture by Google.

Inbox by Gmail

This has been one of its kind produced by the company which was directly linked with the Gmail address. It had a large user base and provided features like group your emails based on topic or date. It let users have in-line attachment preview, effective archiving tools, snoozing option as well as reminders that appeared next to emails.

It had many amazing features, which Google had been trying to incorporate to Gmail, some of which has already been launched while others are expected soon.

No official date for its shutting down has been announced by the company yet, but it is expected to end any time in 2019, probably by the end of this month. URL Shortner

The URL shortener has been on the popular tools available on the web to shorten the length of URL, proving an alternative to

The process of ending this product was started in 2018, and Google completely cut off new users in the last April. Though links that have already been created will be working fine, no new links will be created after the 30th of March 2019. People who have not used it lost the chance to create an account on it anymore, neither the old users can view statistics.
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The end of it has been disappointing for many, but Google is directing the focus of users towards Firebase Dynamic Links as will no longer be available after 30th Match, 2019.


Google+ had been used by many of the loyal users but still could not come up to compete with other platforms of this kind. The company had been trying to improve this by integrating it into other products but failed to achieve what it has been planning to.

The decision of not just shutting it but also at faster speed was made after there had been two security issues which had put data of millions at risk. APIs of the platform has been shuttering since weeks and the company also has notified its users about shutting off the platform numerous times.

Users are advised to download their data from Google+ as it will be ending on 2nd April 2019. Even if its official dying date has been announced, it will still continue to work as a business product.

Google is killing Inbox, Allo, URL shortener, and Googleplus in the next few weeks

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