SEO World Rankings 2019: Which Domains are leading in the most markets globally [Infographic]

Every year, Google makes modifications to its ranking algorithm and introduces new features for its search engine results page. This affects the search experience of the users as websites either rank up or down on the popular search engine.

To keep up with the developments, SearchMetrics has published an infographic "SEO World Rankings", that highlights the domains with the highest visibility from different countries and niches.

The infographic includes the following information:

· Global Champions: The top five domains worldwide

· National Champions: The top 10 domains in 10 different countries

· Big Winners: The top 5 most-improved domains in 10 countries

· Category Analysis: The winning domain by industry

Some of the key findings from this year report include:

· Wikipedia is the top player across the 10 national Google indexes

· YouTube is the most visible website in Brazil, Spain, and Turkey

· Apple is no longer in the top five global domains

· Twitter has improved its rankings and now appear in five out of ten searches

Check out the full infographic below.

An analysis of the top players across 10 national Google indexes throughout 2018

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