Google and CERN collaborate to create the Big Bang AR app

None of us experienced the Big Bang; however, we can all catch a replay of the action through a new app created by CERN and Google.

The maker duo has developed an AR app for Big Bang that turns the world around us into nothing, which ultimately becomes everything.

The app is intriguing and manages to keep the users engaged right from the start. Tilda Swinton narrates the augmented reality app, which takes the users on a fascinating tour of the universe and the way it changes over the eons.
"Using Google’s machine learning, you can also explore NASA's vast archive of 127,000 historic images with a new tool called NASA's Visual Universe.", explained Liudmila Kobyakova Program Manager, Google Cultural Institute.
Users can pause in between progression and even take photos of the universe through the camera button. Headphones are recommended for use but subtitles are also available.

Google and CERN collaborate to create the Big Bang AR app

The app can be downloaded here (for Android users) and here for iOS users. It works on most (new) smartphones including Samsung, Pixel, and LG. however, the app lags on Nokia 9, Essential Phone U12+, and other similar versions.

"Besides the app, CERN has created five guided tours for Google Arts and Culture’s Inventions and Discoveries page, including one on the invention of the World Wide Web and another on the discovery of the Higgs boson.", announced Abha Eli Phoboo in a blog post.

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