What you Should Know About Cyber Security In 2019 - More Fascinating Stats! [infographic]

Cyber Security has become a hot topic lately. Every now and then we see companies getting trapped in cyber attacks which not only cost leakage of precious data but billions of dollars as well.

Looking at how people perceive cyber security today, there is still a wide misunderstanding that it should be a point of concern for only large entities like banks, tech companies, and governments whereas in reality smaller companies (categorized as having less than 1000 employees) and each one of us are at a greater risk than the former.

In 2017 alone, 61% of data breach occurred in smaller companies majorly because they do not focus on proper defense to combat the threats. Moreover, 43% of cyber attacks too were targeted at smaller businesses. The benefit of such attacks alone can be relatively small but if done in the right proportion they can sum up to what predators really look for.

So, what really is happening in the world of cyber security? Techjury has released a list of cyber security statistics, which can help you visualize and understand the current challenges which all of us should take care of.

Around 8,854 breaches were recorded from January 1, 2005 to April 18, 2018 and together they account up for millions of records, each having a price per record of $120 - $600. On average it becomes $360 per record and total price reaches up to billions of dollars.
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In most of these cases, companies could only track down the data breach after 6 months. It all meant more time for cyber criminals to manipulate the records while people were still busy to discuss cost of cyber security, without realizing cost of not having it.

The ones who had it, focused on a more complicated security infrastructure, which also created more vulnerabilities. There were more than one security vendors in 50% of companies which later became a reason for them to be victim of cyber attacks, as there was always a clash between the executions of updates and recommendations.

But the most alarming thing in the scenario is how incidents still go unreported. The statistics might represent such cases with 31% but the reality is far above than that.

With the invention of internet and smartphones, IoT attacks were also up by 600% in 2017. Cyber criminals are well aware of the issue that security systems in IoT devices struggle to cover up every potential threat, hence making it a great choice.
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When you analyze the overall situation, the final conclusion comes out with just 38% of global organizations claiming that they are equipped to handle a complex cyber attack, while 62% are yet to find the reliable resources to handle such issues.

You can have a look at the detailed cyber security statistics from this infographic.

Cyber Security Statistics 2019

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