Facebook Streamlines Ad Data By Removing Relevance Score

Facebook is a giant in the world of the internet. The social media platform is widely considered to be the prime example of how companies can provide free services to consumers and still end up being highly valuable. Facebook manages to do this, much like pretty much every other free service provider on the internet, by selling ads. It collects data from its users and gives it to advertisers and brands and gives them digital space on which they can market their products and services to hundreds of millions of people all around the world.

Advertisers and brands find out how well their ads are doing by analyzing metrics provided by Facebook. However, it is important to note that this is changing in certain ways. An Ad Relevance Score is what Facebook previously used to ascertain how successful a particular ad was going to be, but in light of recent events the social media platform will no longer be using this score. Instead of a single metric, it will be breaking the data down into three more specific metrics that are going to give deeper insight into consumer behavior and ad relevance.

The new metrics that will be provided are as follows. Quality rankings are going to give advertisers information about the comparative quality of their ads based on other ads targeting similar groups. Engagement rate is also being monitored, with an engagement ranking giving insight into how often users are engaging with a particular ad thereby determining how successful it really is. Finally, advertisers will get a Conversion rate to see how many engagements lead to genuine boosts in interest regarding certain products and services. The new metrics are definitely a step up from the old model and will give advertisers new opportunities to maximize their marketing services.
"We will begin introducing relevance diagnostics over the coming weeks and will begin removing the previous relevance score metric starting 30 April. For more information on ad relevance diagnostics, visit the Help Center.", announced Facebook Business team in a blog post.
Facebook is replacing relevance score with 3 new metrics

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