Google’s Gboard Just Got Better

Google has been releasing a slew of new products and features recently. The Gboard is a keyboard that can be used on Android phones, and is renowned for being smart and streamlined thus making communication a lot easier. The search engine giant is making some changes to the keyboard, and even though these changes are currently only restricted to Pixel phones they indicate the direction that Google will be taking the keyboard in in the near future, providing a glimpse into new features that other Android users might be getting soon.

The update that has been implemented basically upgrades the AI that governs diction and speech to text conversion. The AI is becoming smarter, and will be better able to understand newer accents. Speech recognition is still a nascent field, and being the trailblazer that it is Google is clearly trying to set the tone for how speech recognition technology will be optimized moving forward. The decoder graph, the library of sounds that the app uses to find out what is being said, is being made more streamlined as well. It previously took up a whopping 2 gigabytes of space, but the newer version is a sleek and trim 80 megabytes which makes it perfect for use on the go.

Gboard keyboard is now more faster and more reliable thank to Google's new AI dictation models
"Given the trends in the industry, with the convergence of specialized hardware and algorithmic improvements, we are hopeful that the techniques presented here can soon be adopted in more languages and across broader domains of application.", said Johan Schalkwyk, Google Speech Team member in a blog post.
The fast paced modern life that we are leading is about to become a lot more efficient. Using this update, people will be able to send messages much more quickly than would have been the case if they had been typing them out. This will also prevent people from getting texting relate injuries to their fingers and wrists, and is going to overall speed up the pace at which communication is conducted on a day to day basis.
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