Stats Prove That Social Media Is A Goldmine For All Brands

Before we start off with statistics, where do you connect with your favorite brands more often now? Possibly social media, right? Well, you are not alone as a comprehensive study on consumer behavior proves that if any brand wants to connect with their customers on a personal level, then improving social media presence would be the key.

The survey was conducted back in June 2018 by YES Marketing. Over 1,000 consumers participated in the study with their opinions. These statistics below can also help any brand that is aiming to create its impact on social media.

63% people follow brands on social media only to know about sale
  • 63% people follow brands on social media only to know about sales (coupons/discounts etc.).
  • 60% follow retailers for new products.
  • A significant 29% follow to show their support and loyalty.
  • 23% follow if the brands share funny and interesting information.
  • 23% follow due to the positive reputation. 
  • 16% also follow because of their social and political viewpoints.
When the participants were inquired about what posts do they really like to comment on or engage with the retailer, their response turned out to be something like this:
  • 36% consumers engage with content that offers some sort of discount.
  • Another 36% were more interested to share the updates of their brands with friends.
  • 35% engage because they simply liked it.
  • 30% engage only because of funny or interesting content.
  • 29% engage to share positive words about the brand.
  • While, 20% engage to spread negative word of mouth.
Going into the depth of demographics, the survey further revealed
  • Gen Z consumers prefers to use YouTube (77%) and Instagram (77%) accounts more than Facebook (74%).
  • Millennials (89%) and Gen X (88%) prefer Facebook.
  • Moreover, Gen Z consumers (56%) are also on Twitter and stand on a same level as of Millennials (50%) and Gen X (39%).
  • Snapchat is the least used social network with overall 30% consumers.
  • Among them all, 11% of the respondents were not on any of the major social networks.
Here's Why Consumers Follow and Engage With Brands on Social Media
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