Facebook and Google continue their reign as the biggest hubs for mobile advertisers

Google and Facebook have once again proved why they deserve to be on top. According to the most recent ROI (Return-on-Investment) Index from Singular, both Google and Facebook continue their reign as the biggest hubs for Advertisers, when it comes to mobile ad networks.

The data was prepared after a thorough research. $1.5 billion, out of $10 billion optimized annually by Singular, was sampled out for ad spending purposes. After that, different networks were studied and their capability of returning investment was measured. It should also be noted that 15 companies were scrapped from the ranking due to a significant number of ad frauds.
"Facebook and Google continue to be the core drivers of mobile user acquisition, swapping #1 and #2 rankings in virtually every category and virtual every region for both iOS and Android.", explained Singular.
According to Singular study, Facebook and Google still offer the best value for mobile advertisers

Once the data was assessed, it was found out that Facebook and Google emerged as the list toppers. Their inclusion in almost every mobile marketer’s game plan is quite impressive. Snapchat showed a notable improvement too, as it managed to grab the no. 3 spot for non-gaming ad networks, for both Android and iOS. Another Social Media Giant, Twitter, ranked second, on iOS.

If we compare iOS to Android, with respect to this index, it can be seen that iOS is relatively more stable. Over 70% of the networks on iOS ROI list had their rankings changed but they still appeared on the list. In addition to that, two new networks also made the list.
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Android, on the other hand, witnessed a significant shakeup. Nearly one-third of the networks on the Android ROI list made it for the first time. Also, more than three-fourths of the existing networks had their rankings changed.

Thus, it is very interesting to see how a year can change so much. With the ever-rising competition currently, advertisers are surely bound to have a good time choosing the platform they want to invest in.

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