Facebook again comes under the light for failing to address the increasing number of controversial private groups

For some time now, Facebook is encouraging users to enhance the use of Groups on its platform besides personal interactions.

However, critics have raised their eyebrows to the sudden shift and are questioning whether Facebook is intentionally moving the controversial discussion away from the public eye.

According to the new report by The Guardian, the social media network is guilty of not doing enough to curb the growth of private anti-vaccination groups. These groups are raising concerns in several regions where these diseases are starting to re-occur after an interval of many years.

As per the report by The Guardian, these groups are operating as closed groups and only serving misleading information to the users with access.

More than a billion users of Facebook interact with its Group feature each month. These groups work as enclosed areas where like-minded individuals can share their opinions and views. However, this is an alarming moment for the social media handle that is already being scrutinized for several controversies over the past year.
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The reports by Guardian suggest that the ‘push’ towards groups started right after Facebook became the subject of Cambridge Analytica and the Russian interference. During that time, several critics accused Facebook of being the hub of false information that might have led them to focus more on private groups – away from any further scandals.

However, this creates more issues for the social media platform along with the global population. The WHO lists ‘reluctance to vaccinate’ as one of the top 10 global health threats in 2019. It also claims that there has been a worldwide increase of 30% in cases of measles where countries that were close to mitigation are again showing signs of reemergence.

Facebook is one of the most influential platforms of the virtual world. Boasting 2.3 billion monthly active users, the social media network has the capability to shift the user’s thoughts from what they see to what is shown on the network.

With the influence, comes a huge responsibility and Facebook should enhance their efforts to curb the movements that might harm the society in the future.

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