WhatsApp’s Latest Beta Update Introduces Completely New Layout for ‘Settings’ Section

The new beta update of WhatsApp introduces a new design for the ‘Settings’ menu layout along with new icons for various tools. The new beta update is live for Android devices, having the build number v2.19.45 this new updated layout for ‘Settings” will soon be available for all the Whatsapp users having Android smartphones, through an update from Google Play Store.

When a new beta update on WhatsApp is compared with the recent stable build, v2.19.34, on Android devices, changes can be seen clearly. Some of the tools have been relocated, new icons introduced and also a different way to represent the information on the display screen. One of the major changes is an addition of ‘Payments’ option on the ‘Settings’ page. It will let users link a bank account and its payment history and other details will be shown in the option. This Payment option is a rollout of Whatsapp, other than the Indian market.

The last stable version of WhatsApp did not have much iconography in subsections but in the new update, the ‘Accounts’ section has some new options with icons. Icons for ‘Security’, ‘Change Number’ and ‘Two-step Verification’, as well as all the options in the ‘Help’ section has also been changed. Whereas, in the ‘Notification’ section, all the icons are the same.
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In ‘Data and storage usage’, the net amount of data sent and received can be seen under ‘Network Usage’ option and ‘Storage’ shows the memory usage status, which are the missing options in the current version of Whatsapp. By tapping ‘Network usage’, users will be able to see a new layout displaying every parameter (calls, media, and messages) having a dedicated icon now, and storage figures could be seen on the right side of the display screen.

Details of memory usage, like date, time, total data sent and received will also be available in the ‘Network usage’ section, as noted by Wabetainfo. Almost all the features are just the same as the previous version, there only has been an addition of ‘Payment’ option.

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