Much Awaited Options By Right-Clicking an Email in Gmail Are Finally Here

Google has finally introduced the much-awaited update for Gmail’s web interface by introducing a revamped right-click menu, now having many options in the pop-up list than before.

Once the update is rolled out to your accounts, you will be able to see a long list of options when a you right-click on an email. These options will include reply, forward, label, snooze an email, mute, and move, which were previously available on the top list of email interface, in the form of icons.

Previously, if an email is right-clicked, only three options, archive, mark as unread and delete, were shown.
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According to G Suite team, this update has been rolled out to Rapid Release Domains, whereas for Scheduled Release customer it will be available from 22 February 2019 onward. As far as regular Gmail accounts are concerned, no specific time-frame has been given by the company, though it is expected that it will be soon rolled out all in the coming days.

Take more actions in Gmail with new right-click context menu options
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