Google will soon introduce the Reading Mode to its desktop browsers

A Reading Mode is currently under development by Google that will be available for Chrome lovers, soon.

This would be another feature after the Dark Mode and Tab Card Previews that is inspired by other browsers like the Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

In a bug report published on, Google mentioned the availability of Reading Mode on various platforms including macOS, Linux, and Windows. Currently the feature is available only on Android devices (known as simplified view) while Google is working on ways to make it available on other platforms.
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The bug report also hinted that the Reading Mode would be compatible with other operating systems as well.

The feature is already available on Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. This feature gives the users ability to read web pages without any distractions such as advertisements, sidebars, and menus.

As of now, we are unsure of when the new feature would be made publicly available but our sources tell us that it has entered the development phase and will soon be available in the Canary built of browsers.
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