Twitter videos are now on ‘automatic loop’ mode

Twitter Automatically Loops Videos Under 1 MinuteTwitter is changing its video format by enabling auto-loop for videos shorter than 60 seconds. Previously, the loop mode was available only for videos under seven seconds.

The news was first tweeted by Matt Navarra on his profile where it received acclamation from most users. However, one individual complained of being mobile only feature while a few users were wary about its impact on advertisements and whether it will inflate views or not.

Twitter has also updated its FAQ help page stating that, "All videos posted to Twitter that are 60 seconds or shorter will automatically loop."

Videos that loop are a normal part of other social media handles like Facebook and Instagram. Since internet users perceive media better than written content, having videos that are constantly on play make it easier to ingest. It also ensures that the viewer does not miss any action, especially in a sporting event or live tutorials.

Featured Photo: Simonmayer via Getty Images


  1. I find it really annoying especially because there's no pause when the video ends. it just starts right from the beginning.

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