Infographic: Video Marketing on Social Media – Myth vs. Reality

Video on Social: What Marketers Say vs What They Do [Infographic]Just like every year, Animoto surveyed some 500 marketers in order to learn the upcoming video trends along with how they would enhance the digital marketing strategy.

Apparently, an interesting discovery was visible from this research regarding the marketers. Animoto found that the marketers are unwary about their marketing strategies and what they think they do differs vastly from what they are actually doing.

For example, marketers know that video works and help them garner the attention of many prospects. However, they fail to create a sufficient amount of video content since it’s too time-consuming. Lack of resources is another reason that holds them down from achieving success with videos.

Some other key insight from the research includes:

• Marketers agree that video is the #1 type of content that attracts attention on social media

• 85 percent of digital marketers say that they contemplate how videos will look on mobile – yet only 26 percent are optimizing for mobile users by creating a square or vertical video

• Majority of marketers are guilty of creating video content for the sole purpose of promotion. On the contrary, they claim that videos are an integral part of marketing and rate “showcasing personality” and “connecting with customers” as the top reasons to maintain a social media presence.
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These and many more contradictions were observed as part of the research. Check out the infographic below and find the difference between myth and reality of video marketing on social media.

The State of Social Video: What Marketers Say vs. What They Actually Do [Infographic]

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