Scam alert: Facebook phishing attempts making the rounds

If you use Facebook regularly, you should know that there are a lot of malicious actors out there that would try to steal your information through different phishing attempts. This mostly involves getting you to click on some sort of link that they would use to steal your login details and subsequently steal your data. This can lead to significant financial loss as well because a lot of your data might allow malicious actors to access your bank accounts, and it could lead to the dissemination of personal information that you would have preferred to keep private.

A new phishing scheme has been going around on Facebook, proving that scams like this are not a thing of the past quite yet. This new scam, which has been revealed by social media consultant MattNavarra through screenshots on Twitter, involves you receiving a message from Facebook Safety team (which is obviously fake), stating that a lot of reports have been made against your account and that a shutdown of your account is imminent. The only way to avoid this shut down would be to log in through a link that has been provided.

Suffice it to say that this link is not going to be something that you would want to click on because of the fact that it will lead to your information getting stolen via a fake Facebook login Page.
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Beware Facebook users! Hackers could use Fake login pages to trick you to steal your login information

A new wave of Facebook phishing scam is spreading via Messenger app that leads to above or similar looking page that can steal users data. Facebookers are advised to double check website address before entering their usernames, email IDs and passwords.

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Featured photo: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu
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