Android Messages Gets an Upgrade With Google Assistant

For quite some time now, Google has been trying to upgrade its messaging platform ostensibly in an attempt to compete with the integrated functionality of iMessages as well as the ubiquity of WhatsApp, both of which are services offered by rivals of the tech giant. In order to boost the functionality of Android Messages, which is what your text messaging app is now called, Google is integrating their Google Assistant into the mix in order to make the user interface more intuitive as well as more efficient for people that would need to use it.

Google Assistant will be rolled out to Android devices over the next few months, and this has led to quite a few people being concerned that Google might be using their Google Assistant to read people’s text messages. Google is widely notorious for being pretty data hungry, but the tech giant has assured consumers that it does not intend to use the AI to read people’s text messages or do anything of the sort. The primary function of Google Assistant in its integration with Android messages is to assist you by providing smart replies and allowing you to quickly search for things if you have a query without having to leave the app.

Google Assistant is soon coming to Android Messages
"With Assistant in Messages and Google Maps, Voice Typing on KaiOS, more natural voice controls and physical buttons for the Assistant on more phones, your Google Assistant is ready to help in the places you need it most.", announced Manuel Bronstein, Google Assistant's Vice President of Product, in a blog post. Adding further, "If you haven’t used your Assistant on phones to get things done while you’re on the go, now’s the time to Make Google Do It."
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