Microsoft's Research Proves That Internet Is Becoming More Civil

The world of Internet finally seems to be getting the basics right as Microsoft has claimed that it is getting more civil than ever and people are realizing the point that cyber bullying of any sort is not only dangerous but useless in the first place.

Microsoft has come out with their own study on Tuesday which shows considerate improvements in its Digital Civility Index. It has dropped down to 66 points by the end of 2018, in response to the fact that internet users are now treating each other with more respect. However, the index should drop more, at least near to zero, as the lesser index points would indicate more civilized users.

This research was based on the online experiences of teens and adults from 22 countries around the world. Among all of the participants, the civility index of U.S in particular has changed drastically as it fell down to 51 points, according to Microsoft.

On the other hand, Microsoft found out the darker side of the story as well with more complaints of online harassment, bullying, and unwanted contact. It is because of the internet that people are losing sleep, feeling more stressed, and aren’t able to trust people in general. Each of these negative aspects increased the index to three to four points every year in recent times.
"Unwanted contact has by far been the standout risk across all three years of research and across geographies and demographics.", claimed Jacqueline Beauchere, Chief Online Safety Officer at Microsoft in a blog post. 
Nearly 27% of the users in the research also reported that they stopped participating on social media due to their bad experiences, which is turning out to be the obvious reason of this overall improvement.
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Microsoft Study Claims the Internet Is Getting More Civil
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