Earth's Magnetic North Pole Is On The Move And Causing Problems For Navigation Systems

The impact of climate change has reached up to the Earth's magnetic north pole now as its sudden movements are causing significant effect on the navigation technology.

A recent update by scientists at the National Centers for Environmental Information has reported of unplanned variations in the Arctic region, which changed the position of magnetic north pole as well. This problem is of utmost emergency for the World Magnetic Model as it would lead up to more distractions in almost every device that uses a magnetic compass for navigation, including smartphones, military vehicles and airliners.

It is observed that the magnetic north is constantly moving out at a rate of 34 miles per year, a drastic increase from 9 miles per year back in 2000s, and unfortunately nothing has been done as of yet to keep up to it. Irregular atmospheric motion in the earth’s liquid outer core has shifted the poles in ways that have not been tracked as of yet.

That being said, you are still safe with your favorite mapping app for now as the World Magnetic Model uses satellites to provide you the GPS services. But companies and governments, on the other hand, together will have to work much harder to adapt, especially for Arctic region.

World Magnetic Model Out-of-Cycle Release
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