Facebook Releases Blog Post About Dealing With Challenges

If there is one thing that people don’t like about Facebook, it is the fact that the social media platform does not do enough to stop the spread of misinformation that has resulted in so many problems all around the world. In an attempt to reassure people that the company is on the right track, the social media platform recently published a blog post that talks about the various ways in which the company is attempting to tackle its present challenges and get a better grasp over how they can move forward.

Here are some of the things that Facebook is going to tackle:

1. Preventing Interference in Elections

This is something that Facebook has been accused of time and time again, so much so that even the election in the United States ended up being doubted because of the fact that Facebook was involved in so much misinformation being spread that it ended up severely impacting the manner in which people voted for the ones they wanted in power. Facebook has stated that it plans to tackle election season head on and remove fake accounts that are associated with propaganda and the like.
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2. Better Security for Personal Data

Misinformation is not the only thing that Facebook has been accused of spreading. People’s data is also being spread around quite a bit because of the fact that Facebook had not done nearly enough to make sure that the data that people were entrusting them with remained as safe as possible on their servers, thereby resulting in a number of security breaches. This year, Facebook plans to implement new security protocols that are going to prevent data breaches in the future, thereby ensuring that everyone that is using the social media platform can rest assured that their data is completely secure.

3. Investing in the Removal of Bad Content

Another problem that Facebook faces has to do with the fact that there is a lot of harmful content that ends up being uploaded to the site, content that could potentially make it very difficult indeed for people to have a wholesome experience on the social media platform. When it comes to content like this, removal is key. Facebook will be working on systems that are going to remove this unsafe content as quickly as possible thereby ensuring that no one has to see it unnecessarily.

Hard Questions Answered: What Is Facebook Doing to Address the Challenges It Faces?
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4. Ad Transparency

Whenever you see an ad on Facebook it is clearly marked as such, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of the ads themselves are rather underhanded because of the fact that they tend to get the message across in a way that would make it difficult for you to ascertain what’s truly going on at that point in time. Facebook has pledged to make it easier for you to get transparency and know whenever you are looking at an advertisement so that you can gauge your reaction to that content accordingly with the right kind of knowledge.
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5. Facilitating the Right Legislation

The US government knows by this point that the internet is a monster that needs to be tamed before it gets completely out of control. Facebook intends to aid Congress in the pursuit of legislation that actually gets to the root of the problem, something that is very important indeed because of the fact that it will allow the internet to become a safer place than it currently is. It is heartening to see Facebook so thoroughly dedicated to helping the government regulate the internet considering it is currently a carefree playground for them.
"We’ve introduced consistent privacy choices around the world. We’re working with governments to improve the safety of our platform.", explained Facebook team. Adding further, "And we’re establishing an independent body which people can use to appeal Facebook decisions involving potentially offensive content. Unless their decisions would somehow violate the law, we will adhere to them."
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