Instagram Looks Into Follower Count Dropping Glitch

Instagram’s attempts at establishing itself as a legitimate photo sharing platform have been largely successful, but the social media app has faced a lot of troubles much like its parent company, Facebook. One of the recent problems involved a glitch that caused popular influencers on the platform to lose millions of the followers that they had worked so hard to obtain without any specific reason being given for such a thing occurring. Celebrities like Ariana Grande saw these huge losses, and even influencers on the lower end such as Zach Clayton saw drops in their follower counts.

It was initially though that Instagram’s recent sweep to get rid of fake accounts on the platform could have ended up leading to this glitch. Instagram has neither confirmed nor denied this, so it seems like only time will tell whether or not the issue was caused by these sweeps or whether it is the result of a completely different issue, one that Instagram might not have seen coming and would have to deal with in order to establish its legitimacy as a platform where influencers can connect to their followers.

As of the 14th of February, Instagram announced that the "we’re expecting to have this issue resolved by 9 a.m. PST tomorrow (15 Feb).". No further information was given such as the origins of the glitch, but Instagram is planning more sweeps for the year in order to remove accounts that are fake or inactive as well as getting rid of spam comments. Hence, it seems like Instagram is pushing forward with the same strategy it has been using all this time, something that will have a pretty big impact on the platform’s success and shows that the platform is confident that the sweeps did not cause the drop in follower counts.

Instagram Looks Into Follower Count Dropping Glitch

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