Social Media Hacks: Ways To Increase Your Facebook Likes

What comes into your mind the moment you hear the term "social media"? You think about people, fun, interaction, right? Well, that is just a small part of this highly rewarding marketing segment for any business. If you are already in business, then you must be aware of the importance of having an online presence, especially in some of the leading platforms such as Facebook.

Therefore, in this case, having a Facebook page should be a priority and never an option. But what happens if you already got one, but aren't receiving as many likes as you would want?

Here are a few tips on how to go about it:

Include a Facebook-like call to action at the bottom of your site

If you have time to manage a Facebook page, then we assume that you already have a blog. It might not be well-established yet, but a blog is a great start for any aspiring brand. Therefore, ensure that you turn your readers into your Facebook fans. After all, if they love the content of your blog, then there are higher chances that they will like the contents of your Facebook page as well. So maximize on that to increase those likes. You can attain this by clearly providing a call-to-action, followed by a link to your page.

Include your Facebook icon on those emails

If you are into email marketing, then you should ensure that all your social media icons appear at the bottom of each email. That way, it will be easy for individuals to click on it and view what you have to offer on your Facebook page. If they like what they see, then they are likely to like it for future reference or to continue seeing posts from you. Hence, it is time you start viewing those email contacts you have been keeping aside as your Facebook likes and you will get the psych to start sending emails. You can also take time once in a while to politely ask your email subscribers to like your pages for more content. Be daringly bold.

Take part in same-niche discussions

Dedicate a little bit of your daily time to go through like-minded posts on Facebook and even like peoples' pages. This will give you a great opportunity to leave impressive comments that will trigger people's interests into knowing more about your business/brand. However, ensure your comments reflect you as a brand rather than an individual. That way, you will receive likes to your page rather than personal profile. You have to act smart with this one because you also don't want to seem too promoting on another person's timeline.

Maximize on the use of profile and cover images

When it comes to Facebook and any other social media platform for that matter, first impressions matter. A lot. Here individuals are quickly drawn to what they see rather than read. Therefore, take advantage of this by ensuring that both your profile and cover images sell you as a brand. Remember, they are the first thing people see the moment they click on that link you provided. So give them a reason to click on that "Like" button.

Create content with an aim of having it shared

Coming up with a likable content is not hard to crack, what is demanding, however, is creating content that is likable enough to compel your readers into sharing it. How do you achieve this?

First, start by learning your readers. How do they think? What do they like and what time of the day are they most active? This will help you to create content that will go in line with their current situation. For instance, focus on creating posts that reflect what is happening around them at the moment. This could be something to do with national holidays, political events and days of the week.

You can also take time once a week to share some interesting posts of people from your online community. Or even post inspirational quotes once in a while. You will notice a significant rise of sharing that will lead new fans to your page, thus increasing the chances of them liking it.
Consider buying likes

The practice of buying social media likes is no longer a secret. If anything, it's one of the most popular and advanced growth spur contributor to many upcoming social media business pages, Facebook included. According to Social Media Daily; one of the leading likes and followers online buying platform, buying likes helps individuals deal with urgent matters such as increasing events attendees. It also forms a solid foundation for long-term growth. Remember the more likes you have from the beginning, the more attractive your page will appear to new visitors.

Go visual

The use of images and videos play a very important role in increasing the visibility of your Facebook page. What you have to ensure however, is that you use relevant ones. And by this, we mean the ones that are in line with your brand. Through this, you will be able to capture the attention of many people who would like to see your posts more often on their feeds.
Provide adequate details on your about section

People often want to be part of something that they fully understand. They want to know your agenda right from the start to help them decide as to whether your posts will be helpful to them or not. Therefore, ensure you use the About section on your Facebook page to offer the much-needed business details. This includes, but not limited to contact information, date of formation, company overview and significant milestones. This will provide new visitors with the credibility they're sourcing for.

Social media can make or destroy you as a business/brand depending on how you use it. This is particularly vital when it comes to Facebook. Here the likes you have on your pages roughly equal to your popularity and success. So you definitely wouldn't want to lag behind. To increase your page likes, you can start working on including your logo on your emails and website/blog, taking part in niche discussions and maximizing on the use of images and videos.
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