Google Maps to Soon Introduce a Feature to Automatically Delete Location History

At the Consumer Technology Association 2019 event, Google proposed several new features for Google Map app and it looks like we will soon be witnessing them on our mobile phones via the upcoming update for version 10.10.

Upon experimenting with the APK files, 9To5Google reveals that Google Map is likely to start deleting the location history on an automatic basis for the users.

Up until now, the feature was available on manual mode and the users who wished to delete their history could go to the “Delete Location History” option present under the Personal Content section in the Settings menu.

Besides this, it is also expected that the navigation app for Google will also get a new Personal Events feature that would allow the app to provide route suggestions based on the data collected from the Google accounts of the user.
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The Personal Event feature can also be toggled on and off to limit the suggestions, based on the user’s preferences.

As per the reports, the new update will also bring along enhanced features, bug fixes, and improvements.

When contacted, the spokesperson at Google Maps claimed that the features are currently in testing phase and no launch date for the update has been declared.

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Google Maps is testing auto-deleting Location History
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