You Can Skip YouTube Ads On The Latest Macbook Pro With This Trick

If you happen to own the uber cool Macbook Pro 2017 With Touch Bar then you might just have an advantage now as someone has discovered a trick to skip the unnecessary YouTube ads with it.

A Reddit user BiggerBadgers has shared few simple steps that you can try to avoid the annoying YouTube ads before watching your favorite videos. Whether its a bug or Apple has really added this new feature, it definitely makes Apple's divisive Touch Bar stand one step ahead in the game.

As per the Redditor's claim you can even skip ads that YouTube doesn’t allow at all. However, it only works on Apple’s own web browser Safari once the Touch Bar settings is set to "App Controls" by default. You can also confirm this by going into Settings > Keyboard > and checking the "Touch Bar shows" option.

He began with his trick by choosing ads which can be skipped after a few seconds. A video timeline appears on the touch bar which goes in accordance to how long a person has to wait to skip the ad. But instead of waiting he he just tapped and dragged the the timeline indicator towards right end and released his finger. It immediately brought him the option of ‘skip ad’ right at the bottom end of the screen which he clicked to start his video.
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The only thing that one needs to be careful about is not dragging the indicator till the very end as videos then struggle with everlasting loading loop.

For videos which couldn’t be skipped on YouTube before, he dragged the indicator in the same way till right end but instead of getting the ‘skip ad’ option on screen, the video resumed itself.

You can check him out performing his trick here.
Not sure if already known, but you can skip unskippable ads with the touch bar! from r/mac

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