Why Every Business Needs Its Mobile App

Well, okay, maybe not every business. I guess you do not need a mobile application from a company that makes paper cups. What we are talking here is more about business to client relationships. So, every business that sells directly to its customers definitely needs a mobile application. Other companies may consider this option if they want. The fact is that mobile applications are in a huge trend today, and for a good reason.

A mobile application is, in fact, a constant advertisement of the company’s services or products right in front of the potential customer’s face - because it is in his smartphone, the item he takes everywhere with him, even to the bathroom. So many companies order app development services to be able to advertise their business to this potential customer every time he pulls out the mobile phone and goes online. Or even when he is offline - by mere presence on the screen. If he has downloaded this application for some reason, he will either just delete it later, or will eventually use it, and hopefully, buy the paid product.

Why Every Business Needs A Mobile App

But the companies do not advertise themselves, you can argue. They actually provide some services in their mobile application, often for free, so what is the purpose? The company has to pay for development of an app, only for the person to download it and then delete? Or to use free of charge, forever?

Well, kinda. The trick is that current users have a huge choice, and in terms of free services and products as well. The main point is that the Internet is a place where a lot of fraud happens or can happen. So users are no longer in a hurry to pay for anything they might need. They are more likely to look for a free thing, and there is a high chance they will find it. Users also do not like to pay in advance when they are not sure yet what value and what user experience they get in the end.

The direct consequence of this situation is that every company that wants to reach out to their potential customers, or even loyal clients, more often via the smartphone has to provide some type of value for free. Loyal customers will appreciate, while new potential clients will check the service out and maybe consider buying a paid version. If the user goes as far as downloading the application, the chance he buys is higher than if he stumbles upon the company’s website online, and maybe makes a mark and leaves.

So, yes, the company really has to invest money into developing a well-designed, user-friendly, and intuitively navigated mobile application that will provide real value to the user. Also, the company has to invest in the promotion of this application to potential users. However, in return, the company will be able to reach out to the user with their advertisement or promotion every time the user takes his smartphone. That is why every company that sells directly to its clients wants a good mobile application.
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