Facebook's new feature for Android lets users control their location settings and much more!

A good news for Android users concerned about ambiguity regarding Facebook’s location settings. The Social Networking Giant is updating its location settings for Android OS. The new update will allow the users to have more control and more knowledge about how Facebook retrieves and stores their location data.

This is a significant development, considering the backlash Facebook received last spring after it was revealed that the text and call data on Android phones was being saved by Facebook app all along. Although, an agreement was there to notify the users about it but it was a little vague, to be honest, and the users weren’t able to properly comprehend what they were getting themselves into by agreeing to such terms.

Until now, Android offered a single on/off switch for Location Services for all the apps at the same time, which allowed a user to either enable the location for all apps, or disable, there was no in-between. This also allowed Facebook to store the precise location. Even after the user exited the app, the location services continued to remain on, until turned off manually.

Now, it’s hard to deny the importance of Location settings while using Facebook. It allows users to organize plans, mark themselves as safe in situation of a crisis/disaster, check themselves in after visiting their favorite places, and see ads relative to their location. In addition to that, it can also help in identifying a security attack, such as a log-in from a different place without a user’s knowledge. An alert is sent to the user in such cases to verify if it was actually them and if the user responds negatively, the account is blocked right away, preventing one’s account from a hack attack. The only thing that bothers a user about this setting is that it remains on even after exiting the app.
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With the new update however, Android users will be given a choice to decide whether they want to share their location or not, once they exit the app. It should be noted that this update will neither require any new information to be collected nor will it affect the privacy choices made by users before the update.

Facebook adds new location setting feature for Android users

The new feature will basically educate the users and give them control over the collection of background location data on Facebook’s Android app. In addition to that, a primary location feature will also be added, accessible via “access your information” tool. This will allow a user to learn more about how their location is used for advertising and event recommendation purposes.

As for the users concerned about this update affecting their previous privacy settings, there is nothing to be worried about. The new background location settings will be “on” only if the particular user had their location history settings turned “on”. For users who never turned this setting on or turned it to off, will have the background location settings automatically turned to “off”.

Moreover, an alert about the update will also be sent to the users, who chose to leave their Location history “on” in the past. The alert will notify them about the new settings and also ask them to properly check and verify if the settings are according to their preference. For the users with the settings turned off already, they will not be bothered unless they decide to turn it on manually.

Thus, it’s a win-win for all the Android users. Only time will tell whether this new update sits well with the Android users or they manage to find a flaw in it too. Rest assured, Facebook is doing everything in its power to make the platform safe and convenient for everyone.

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