Key Android Facts that tell why the Google-owned OS is ruling the world

In case you have doubts regarding Android’s sheer dominance, it’s time to face some facts! Android is the world’s leading operating system (OS). It has even left behind Windows and iOS. Although Apple’s smartphones are giving some competition to their Android counterparts, Android is still found in nearly 75% tablets and smartphones.

Why underestimate Android’s supremacy by only discussing market share though? Here are a few other key facts and figures which prove how Android is crushing the competition:
  1. Although the goal is to discuss other aspects than Market Shares, its importance cannot be denied. Android’s presence in the US market is currently 37.57%. However, its market share worldwide is 72.23% and is expected to cross the 85% mark by 2022.
  2. Not many casual Android consumers know that it was purchased by Google in 2005 for $50 million.
  3. In 2018’s third quarter, the global tablet shipments contained 61% Android powered tablets.
  4. Android’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer is Samsung, covering 46.3% of the manufacturers’ market share, followed by Huawei (9.5%), Xiaomi (6.9%), Oppo (4.7%), Motorola (4.2%) and others.
  5. The best-selling models are Samsung S4 (80 million), Samsung Galaxy S3 (70 million) and Samsung Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge (55 million).
  6. 72.4% of the female and 70.5% of the male gadget users use Android powered devices.
  7. Talking about age, Android is most common among people ranging from 25 years to 64 years.
  8. Total Number of Apps available on Google Play, as of November 2018, is 2,555,422 and the number of daily app downloads has been estimated at a whopping 1,743/second.
  9. The most downloaded android apps include Google Play Services, Gmail, Google Maps, Google News, YouTube, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram, in the particular order.
  10. Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon GO and Tinder are the most revenue generating apps on Android with a whopping collection of $58.79 M, $50.69 M and $37.11 M respectively in November last year.
  11. Speaking about Social Media traffic, Android has iOS beat when it comes to Twitter’s Social (53.8%) and Direct (8.8%) categories and Facebook’s search category (77.7%).
  12. Android still has some catching up to do when it comes to E-Commerce traffic, as it is currently behind iOS when it comes to conversion rate and Items per purchase.
  13. Lastly, Android has iOS trailing behind when the topic of searches in app traffic is brought up, especially for Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp.
These details are surely enough to convince one how Android is leading the tech industry and is proving to be its own main competitor. Android is projected to get bigger with time and it will be interesting to see how its main rivals plan on upping their game. Take a look at this infographic from Techjury, for more insights on Android market share, history, top apps and security.

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