Over $3.5 million worth of hacked credit card details are up for grabs on dark web forums (Beware, Meezan Bank Users)

Three large collections of credit card details as known as ‘dumps’ were put up for sale on dark web during the previous month – reports Group-IB (an intelligence-driven cyber-security firm).

‘Dumps’ is a term used to describe the clusters of personal financial details that are stolen. In this case, credit card details are hacked through unsolicited means used to later withdraw money from their respective bank accounts.

The dumps were released on Joker's Stash, one of the most popular underground web marketplaces for selling stolen credit card information.

Amongst the three dumps, two contain credit card details of Pakistani users. Although they weren’t very large releases, they did contain complete information regarding the account holders that can prove to be very useful for the buyers.

Reports by Russian cyber-security firm Group-IB claimed that the two dumps collectively contained the card details of 69,189 Pakistani bank customers.
"The scale, volume, frequency and connection to one institution contributes to the theory that the leak might be involved in a larger incident.", said Dmitry Shestakov, Head of Group-IB сybercrime research unit. Adding further, "Potentially an advanced actor gaining access to card systems within Pakistan."
Group-IB said that both the dumps became evident on the Joker’s Stash portal in the last week of January. It also claimed that almost 96% of credit card details belonged to one bank – Meezan Bank Ltd.

Alert: 2 new databases with nearly 70000 Pakistani banks’ cards with PINs go on sale on the dark web. Again

According to Group-IB:

· The first round of dumps was published on January 24 and included details of 1,535 cards in which 1,457 belonged to Meezan Bank.

· The second round was displayed on January 30 and included 67,654 cards with 96% of accounts belonging to Meezan Bank consumers.

· The second stash was also advertised on other forums such as Omerta, Enclave, Crdclub, and others besides being displayed on Joker’s Stash.
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This is amongst a rare instance when Pakistani bank cards are published in underground internet shops. Additionally, the cards all included a PIN code that explains the high price tag it bears.

Most credit cards on sale at hacking forums go on sale between 10 – 40 USD. However, details of the Pakistani credit cards are available for $50 per piece, resulting in a whopping $3.5 million of the total value.

Warning: 2 new databases with nearly 70000 Pakistani banks’ cards with PINs go on sale on the dark web. Again

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