Beware Of The New Technique Used By Cyber Criminals To Steal Payment Data

Symantec, a cyber security company discovered that thousands of websites are affected by the cybercriminals who have been implanting code to fetch the payment card numbers.

Every month, 4800 websites are hit by form-jacking, according to the research done by Symantec, after other methods of cyber crimes proved to be less effective with time. Airline BA and Ticketmaster are two of the most famous websites being attacked by these internet hackers.

People are more aware and extra careful about their online security, making it difficult for attackers to cause them harm. As ransomware and mining crypto-currencies have proved to be less effective and thus generating less profit for the cyber-attackers.
"Ransomware infections grew in enterprise environments by 12 percent, while consumer infections declined.", claimed Symantec Security Response team.
Orla Cox, who is the director of security response unit at Symantec, said that bad actors can take advantages by just adding a small code of line on target websites, which monitors and steals the payment card information. These attack codes are implanted through loopholes, particularity when core software is not updated, or third-party apps that are not secure. She said that code is not easy to identify neither websites can easily get to know that their site has been compromised.

This technique is becoming increasingly popular. This can be judged from the fact that last year Symantec blocked around 3.7 million form-jacking attacks.

Businesses and other users are more concerned about their online privacy and have taken serious actions to make their online presence secure. This is also reflected from the fact that a 20% decrease has been noticed in the ransomware infection. So cybercriminals are now finding new ways to attack sensitive information online.

Forget Phishing and Ransomware. Formjacking Is the New Favorite Hack of Cyber Crooks
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