Here Is How You Can Protect Your Business From All Hacking Trends (infographic)

Do you ever realize that the chances of a cyber attack is increasing more than someone physically invading your home? While people often tend to ignore this most of the times, getting into your personal data is twice more dangerous as these hackers can either blackmail you or destroy your lives completely.

With every passing day we read or hear stories about hackers breaking various security breaches and yet we compromise on our own data before it gets too late. These scammers are continuously creating more trouble with new ways to attack your systems and networks. So, in return, now is the right time to analyze the patterns of hackers and work on our own defense mechanisms.

There are many lessons one can obtain from all of the big cyber security attacks. Be it the need for CSOs to embrace data-centric security or organisations managing mergers and acquisitions more effectively, you have to protect all of your data without any mistake.
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It doesn’t matter if you are 6-month-old-startup or a multi-million dollar enterprise, there are sets of vulnerabilities in every business. The only difference lies in what sort of problems these companies have while dealing with hackers. There are more complicated systems and massive data to analyze in larger organisations, which makes it easier for them to sneak in and stay for a relatively longer time without being detected. On the other side, small businesses can really not afford a cyber attack as they already struggle with low on resources.

To make it happen in the easiest way for you, the team at Varonis has compiled the most important trends and tips which you should take care of to ensure the security of your business.

Hacker Motives: Red Flags and Prevention - infographic
Here Is How You Can Protect Your Business From All Hacking Trends (infographic)
Studies found that 90% of motives are due to financial reason and espionage followed by fun, grudges and other miscellaneous reason.
Taking necessary action for potential threat before hand is the most important element in the field of cyber security. Keeping this threat model in mind, you can now start planning your own response strategy according to your eco-system and requirements. Moreover, you can also search for expert advice on matters that concern you the most through various TED Talks and podcasts.
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