A Whole Bunch of WhatsApp Features We Can Expect To See This Year

It’s the new year, which means that people are starting to think about the kinds of updates that our favorite apps will be getting. WhatsApp is possibly the most popular app in the world, so it is natural that people are going to be wondering about it and wanting to know the various things that will be coming to the app this year.

One of the coolest features that we are going to be getting is a dark mode. WhatsApp is finally acknowledging the fact that a lot of people use their app for late night texting which can put a bit of a strain on the eyes. Hence, a dark mode is a welcome addition to the app, one that would allow you to make the most of the app and use it without making your eyes ache from all of that light.

WhatsApp may launch a dedicated fingerprint locking mechanism, one that would make the third party apps that people were installing in order to make their WhatsApp more secure redundant. The fingerprint lock is probably a response to all of the data theft scares that occurred in 2018. WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook has been under a lot of fire for the lack of security they provide their users, so we can expect that Facebook will soon take more better security measures.

Using stickers on WhatsApp is also going to become a lot easier thanks to the fact that an upcoming update will help you search for a sticker by typing in the relevant keywords. Stickers and emojis can be hard to find, so using the right kind of update here can make the user experience a lot smoother overall.

WhatsApp NEW features: Some handy updates (maybe) coming to WhatsApp in 2019

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