Twitter to Conduct Public Test Run of New Features

Twitter will test new conversation features out in the openTwitter is introducing a bunch of new features to kick off 2019, ostensibly in an attempt to regain the interest of the public after having a few years in which it began to take a backseat to Facebook’s expansionist policies and the rising star of the underdog that is Snapchat.

One the new features that is being introduced to beta testers is a status indicator that will let you know whether or not a user is online. This is probably being done in an attempt to make the platform feel more social so that you can engage with people when they are online instead of leaving it up to uncertainty.

Another addition that is being made to the micro-blogging platform is the inclusion of tweet suggestions. These are going to be "ice breakers" that you can use to enter a discussion which is going to be particularly useful for people that are trying to make the most of the conversations that they are having but don’t really know how to break out of their bubble just yet. A further addition would be that of slack status updates which would be visible next to your avatar on your profile, once again showing that twitter is trying to become more social.
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Twitter will begin a public test of new features in the coming weeks
Source: Engadget

Recently Twitter has become a little toxic. It has become a breeding ground of sorts for intolerant rhetoric and angry tirades, and these updates are part of the platform’s attempts to become a little more conducive to conversations that are rational in some way so that people can start to legitimately learn from one another instead of going off on angry and irrational tangents. It is good that social media platform is starting to take the impact that it has on the world more seriously.
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