WhatsApp for iPhone Receives Several New Features With Latest Update

WhatsApp is beefing itself up for iPhone users. A bunch of new features are coming in, all of which seem pretty exciting and are definitely going to take the experience of using this instant messaging platform to a whole new level.

One of the new features is the ability to reply to someone privately in a group. Basically if you see a message from someone that you want to reply to, previously the only option you had would have been to reply to them directly on the group which is something that a lot of people would have preferred not to do for obvious reasons. Now you can use the private reply option to give them a response to the message in a private chat which is going to be quite convenient.
"You can now reply to a group message privately in your 1:1 chat. Tap and hold a message in a group chat and select 'More', then 'Reply Privately'.", explained Whatsapp in 'What’s New' section on Apple app store.
Using stickers is also becoming a lot easier. There is a smiley icon that you can use to gain access to the stickers, and furthermore the only thing you will have to do to use them is to drag and drop them. Adding them to videos and pictures is also going to become possible, ostensibly in a further attempt on WhatsApp's parent company Facebook's ploy to offer features similar to Snapchat on as many of its properties as possible.
"When editing a photo or video, you can tap the smiley icon to add stickers.", said Whatsapp in its app store 'Version History' description.
Also, if your iPhone supports 3D touch you are now going to be able to use it to check out the status of a particular contact. This can be useful for checking people’s profiles out. If you have iPhone XR you are going to have haptic touch rather than 3D touch, but the feature is going to work just the same. It won’t work for the iPhone SE and other models that don’t have any hardware features like this.
"From the Status tab, you can now 3D touch to preview a contact's status.", announced Whatsapp.
Whatsapp users now have the ability to reply to a group message privately as 1:1 chat. When editing a photo or video, users can tap the smiley icon to add stickers overlay. From the Status tab, users can now 3D touch to preview a contact's status.
Photo: Thomas White / Reuters
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