Japanese Billionaire Breaks the Record for Most Retweets

A Japanese billionaire started off the New Year by breaking the record for the most retweets ever on Twitter.


According to reports, Yusaka Maezawa, owner of a Japanese online clothing retailer Zozo Inc. compiled a tweet where he promised to share 100 million yen – equivalent of roughly $925,000 randomly between 100 Twitteratis who shared the tweet.

The 43-year old entrepreneur who uses the ID YouSuck2020 managed to garner more than 5 million retweets, dethroning the previous record holder Carter Wilkinson who gained more than 3.5 million retweets for his appeal to get a year of chicken nuggets from the fast food chain Wendy's. Wilkinson’s tweet was in all caps and read, “HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS.” Although he falls short of his 18 million retweet goal, received his free nuggets anyway.
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Yusaku Maezawa has not yet confirmed how he plans to distribute the cash award but his tweet reads that he will be sending out DMs to the winners selected randomly.

Other notable tweets of all time include Ellen DeGeneres' famous Oscar selfie and Louis Tomlinson's declaration of love for Harry Styles.

Have a look at the Statista report that highlights tweets and accounts with the most retweets.
Record For Most Retweets Broken By Japanese Billionaire (Chart)
This Japanese billionaire's 'free money' tweet smashes Twitter's retweet record
Photo: David Mcnew/AFP/Getty Images
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