TikTok’s Lite Android App Has Now Been Downloaded 12 Million Times From Google Play

You have probably heard of TikTok, even if you don’t use it. This is because of the fact that the app has become a thoroughly ingrained aspect of meme culture and has turned into something that you would be able to use on a regular basis to get a good laugh out of people. The app is basically kind of like a cross between Vine and Musical.ly, the latter of which it actually merged with which has resulted in a soaring rise to the top of the app charts and has prompted other social media platforms such as Facebook to scramble to copy some of its features so that they can grab a piece of the market as well.

One of the most prominent aspects of TikTok’s success is the fact that said success is based largely in emerging markets. Places like India and Thailand are being taken over by TikTok, with users downloading it and using it very regularly indeed. You probably don’t even know that TikTok has a lite app (for Android users in Google Play Store) because of the fact that the company did not make too much of a fuss about it since they knew that it was something that would spread on its own, and it really did.

There are two versions of the app, one that is being offered in East Asian markets and the other in India and adjacent markets. The success of these apps is astounding, having already been downloaded a whopping twelve million times (according to data from SensorTower). The original app has been downloaded nearly nine hundred million times which doesn’t even count the number of times the Chinese version, which was created by the same company, has been downloaded. To put it plainly, TikTok seems like a force to be reckoned with.
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TikTok Lite apps have gained more than 12 million downloads in around six months’ time
Photo: Getty Images
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